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3D Design Services

What is a 3d model? Well, it’s a little like a digital blueprint of an object. In order for a 3d printer to make an object, it needs to be told how big to make an object, where to go on the build plate, and when to stop printing. When we take on design work from our clients, we get everything from digital drawings to drawings on the back of a napkin. Either way, our job is to make their idea come to life.

To get the right information, we ask our clients questions they need to know in order to design the best part for their project.

  • What is the problem we are solving?

  • What are your limitations?

  • What is the project budget?

  • What is the timeline for the project?

  • What is the end product or desired deliverable? 

  • Which materials are needed? 

  • How will this be manufactured? 

  • How many parts will there be?



Our expert design team will discuss project goals, design inspiration, materials and rates.

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Work directly with our design team provide feedback, and see your project come to life.

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We deliver a 3D file you can use to instantly start manufacturing with entrescan.

Design Projects


The First

Prop design for sci-fi drama set in the near future tells the story of a crew of astronauts who are attempting to become the first humans on Mars.

Duration: 1 week

Design Cost: $750

Standard Parking.png

Standard Parking

After a part of an old assembly breaks, we recreated and printed replacement pieces for use around downtown New Orleans.

Duration: 2 weeks

Design Cost: $1,000

Haworth Chairs.png

Haworth Chairs

At the unveiling of a new high end chair, we designed a model in various colors for new product release.

Duration: 6 weeks

Design Cost: $6,000

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Turn Your Concept Into Reality.