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Professional 3D Scanning.

What can 3D scanning be used for? Here’s a scenario: you have a part that’s perfect just the way it is. But how do you make a duplicate? You can’t find a file online to produce it, and the parts manufacturer went out of business or discontinued the part. Where do you go from here?

3D scanning is a great solution to this problem. Using a 3d camera, the scanner can obtain the part data and upload this information into a 3d modeling program. Once the data has been collected, our designer will clean up and finish making your part into a 3d model.

Having a clear, concise understanding of the capabilities of scanning and what will be the end goal of your project helps keep everything on track.  When thinking about using 3d scanning as a solution for your project, here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • What is the problem we are solving?

  • Can my part or parts be scanned?

  • What is the project budget?

  • What is the timeline for the project?

  • What is the end product or desired deliverable? 

  • Will this be manufactured? If so, how? 

  • How many parts need to be scanned?



Our 3D scanning experts will discuss project goals, design specs, materials and rates.

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3D Scan

Just ship your object to us then sit back and relax, our team will take it from here.

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3D Print File

Once your 3D file is ready we will send over a download link to your 3D print files.


Turn Your Concept Into Reality.