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Entrescan Service Bureau

We're Here to Make Your Idea a Reality

Need to make a prototype for a product you’re designing? Maybe you have a product and you need help making a CAD model? Whether you need an initial functional prototype or you’re ready for production, we have the equipment and expertise to set you up for success.



You’re in good hands.

From the first meeting to the finished product, when you work with us you’ll have a clear roadmap of what we are going to deliver and when. We’ll get to know you and your product and make sure the parts you walk away with are the ones you had in mind all along.



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How’s the service?

Check out what our customers have to say…

During the development of the project, entrescan were able to make changes really quickly and get the updated into our hands in less than 48 hours. Their flexibility and responsiveness was outstanding and we are already lining up future projects to work on with them!
— Nick Hobson | Director, Seating Business Group, Haworth